Order paper pot

Order paper bag with handle Customer available order paper bag with handle as their wishes pieces, color and design


Standard paper pot

Standard paper pot with handle   Product name Size /См/ Description Paper bag with handle 24х8х32 White Paper bag with handle 16х8х20 With net and cream color Paper bag with handle 17х7х25 Burberry Paper bag with handle 21х10х25 Cream color with ornament which symbol of long age Paper bag with handle 25х12х23 Barbie or machine […]


Financial forms

Financial forms There are below kind of financial forms: 1. Permission to receive money 2. Cash expenditure 3. Cash income and expenditure 4. Account proof 5. Carbonless proof


Khos Kharaatsai notebook

Khos Kharaatsai notebook Khos Kharaatsai notebook is suitable for students usage, cause it’s made by good quality paper. Below is kind of products: Notebook with square line Notebook with far, near and two line Notebook with parallel lines Notebook with picture or no picture Small note