Open vacancies

 Recruiting for below open position

  1. Driver 1

– Must have BC driver license, will drive a car for distribute in Ulaanbaatar

– Must know all the road very well in Ulaanbaatar

– Should have capital

– Willing to work long time

– Must be a resident of Ulaanbaatar

  1. Assistants 6 /male/

– willing to work long time

– It’s good if you were working with equipment of industry

– Will teach operation of equipments

– Must be a resident of Ulaanbaatar

  1. Cutters 2

– Must be graduated university for equipment and repair

– Must have experience with printing company

– Must be familiar with technics and equipments

– Willing to work on equipments

– Must have a good team work

– Should have a good memory

  1. Requirement documents

– Personal identification (ID)

– Diploma, copy of diploma and other related documents


Address: Bayangol district 20 khoroo, Sonsgolon district , Makh market bus stop old Bluesky building

Contact us: 7706-8989, 94054018 /business hours/

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