Thermal paper

Thermal paper
Our company is producing all kind of thermo lent paper by Europe paper since 2011. We are offering below thermal paper according to customers needed quantity.
• Кассын лент Cassa lent
• ПОС-ын термо лент POSS thermo lent
• АТМ-ын термо лент ATM thermo lent
• Дугаарлагчийн термо лент Numbering thermo lent
• Офиссын болон факсын термо лент Office and fax thermo lent
Our raw material is standard of extra durable JKT thermal paper which is can be keep it longest period.
That kind of paper is:
• Resistance for water, oil and softener
• Converting speed is good
• Highly quality for keep a the text
• Can keep it during 25 year

Our standard thermo lent
Product name Size /мм Core diameter Length Discription
Cash and POSS paper /thermoprint/ 57 width * 47 dia 23 mm 21 m
55 gr thermal paper, 100pcs/box

Cash and POSS paper /thermoprint/ 78 width * 58 dia 24 mm 29 m 75 gr thermal paper,50pcs/box

ATM paper /thermoprint/ 78 width * 150 dia 31 mm 210 m 75 gr thermal paper, 100pcs/box

We are offering discounted price depending on your order quantity with free delivery.

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